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Audio Transcription

Audio transcription - a subservice from Hotelsinus


Hotelsinus' audio transcription service will fix it for you!

Our service consists of listening to and transcribing audio material handed to us on any kind of media, into an editable/readable document, printed, or any target format, in three languages: Hungarian, English and Spanish (soon to be followed by further languages)

If there is a need, we also do translation of the resulting text material to any target language of the above. Language comprehension is assured by 20 years of language knowledge. We accept and process audio material on all kinds of imaginable media, ranging from 78 rpm vinyls through U-Matic tapes to all the existing digital formats. Whether its conferences, lectures, meetings, focus groups, hidden mic wiretaps or forensic recordings or interviews, radio broadcasts, dictaphone recordings, we handle it all. Being also a sound design company, we can, if necessary, digitally restore and reprocess any bad quality or hard to understand material, which can significantly contribute to the increase of decipherable audio material and to the decrease of turnaround time.

You hand us a sound recording on any media, we deliver a text document in the format and media you assign, or the digitally processed and restored recording, if this is what you need. On request, we also do a digest of the whole material, based on your criteria.

Given the complexity of the tasks we perform, each job can have widely different characteristics, therefore our prices are always based on a predefined range, that is specified after checking the material for quality and transcription difficulty.

You can choose from a range of quality levels and price ranges, in function of how exact and how fast a transcription you need.

An hour’s worth of audio can usually extend, depending on the language and speed of the speaker, specific circumstances of the situation and other factors, to approx. 12-15 normal Word document pages.
The written version of an hours' worth of speech can be read in about 20 minutes.

Normal quality

Trascripcion of approx. an hour’s worth of audio on a general topic, in normal quality and speed in Hungarian will take around 5-5.5 working hours.
The price for this can range between 40-50.- EUR
Transcription of better quality material takes up less time. Normal service is a two-step process, during which the material is listened to and transcribed in a first pass by a transcriptionist, then, a corrector proofreads the transcript, comparing with the material once more, making any necessary corrections. The accuracy rate of a broadcast quality recording can be up to 99.5%, while that of a general quality recording can be around 95-98%.

Draft quality

For those who don’t need a literal, word-by-word accurate transcription, or speed is a more important factor (or want to proofread the transcription themselves), we recommend the draft service, consisting of a transcription after a one-time listening, with no proofreading. This is useful for business people, or journalists (eg. with the purpose of summarizing, or finding a quote). A job with these parameters can take between 4.5-5 hours to complete.
The price for this can range anywhere between 25-40.- EUR.

Hard to hear and bad quality materials

This service can be necessary with materials where bad quality media, less than ideal recording circumstances, or complicated linguistic situations (eg. exotic dialect of pronunciation) make it difficult to understand the source material. For this situations, we use all the necessary tools and techniques that digital sound restoration makes possible to come up with the best possible result from the source material. In case the restored recording itself, and not the transcribed text is needed, we can also carry out only the digitalization of the material, to any media or format you wish (from audio CD to streaming content), like digitalization of a vinyl recording, or an audio tape, or the other way round, if a digital material needs to be "analogized" (like putting an mp3 to a cassette tape).
Digitalization is of course done from and into any format and media (like, for example transcoding an audio tape into a web stream). Since the source, quality, and thus the complexity of the task to perform with these types of materials can move in very wide ranges, we always determine custom price offers, based on the specific material delivered to us, after checking it for quality and transcription difficulty, but it will range between 50-70.- EUR or above.
The turnaround time for an hour’s worth of such material can range from 1-2 working days to up to a week with longer, more complex, foreign language project.

You can hand your material personally to us on the medium you have it on, or you can upload it with one of the popular file transfer services, that also offer security options, if needed (,,, to this email address:
If in case of a foreign language material you would also like a translation of it, the translation price is calculated separately.

(Our upload interface will soon be available.)




Normal quality min. 6 hours ~50 EUR
Draft quality min 4.5 hours ~25-45 EUR
Hard to hear and bad quality materials min. 2 days ~60 EUR or above
Discount with student card   40% on all prices - call!


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